Help Your Cat Beat the Heat this Summer

It’s that time again! Summer is here and temperatures are rising which means that we start looking for ways to beat the heat. We wear shorts, go swimming and drink plenty of pure water to stay hydrated. But what about your cat? Kitty can’t take off his fur coat and because of this can be […]

What is the best way to filter well water?

As with anything these days, there are always many options available when you are looking for ways to treat or filter well water. There are some things to consider before you choose one method over another. First, is your well water already treated? Is the well managed by a municipality and how is it treated? […]

Why Water Quality is Crucial to a Raw Foodist


We asked a local Vancouver Island Raw Chef, Shani Cranston from  and to tell us how important the quality of the water she uses in her recipes is. As we expected, she emphasized clean, filtered water at all times. Read on to see what else Shani had to tell us about water quality: With Raw […]

Cyanide And Our Drinking Water

Cyanide in water. Filter it with RO.

Cyanide is, while naturally occurring, a poison that is highly toxic to human beings. It may appear in water supplies either naturally or due to its use in industrial practices like mining and milling. And you should filter it from your drinking water. Where Does Cyanide Come From? Cyanide is produced naturally by certain bacteria, […]

THMs: Poison in Your Drinking Water?

Known properly as trihalomethanes, THM’s are produced when the chlorine that is used to “purify” drinking water reacts to with the organic matter it targets. While chlorine does kill harmful bacteria, the THM’s produced in the process are confirmed class b carcinogens and include such substances as chloroform, which is a poison that can cause […]

Nanaimo’s Water: Pristine, If Not Pure


Nanaimo is a port city on Vancouver Island that has the fortune to have a pure raw water supply provided by the South Nanaimo River. And it therefore employs just one type of water treatment, chlorine… Is Nanaimo Perhaps In Need Of A New Water Treatment Plant Nanaimo takes its raw water from the river […]

Cryptosporidium Within Your Water: Don’t Drink Parasites!


How Does Cryptosporidium Get Into Our Drinking Water? Cryptosporidium can contaminate drinking water when surface water is sustained with runoff from rain, or is contaminated via seepage or leaching. This parasite is one of the reasons water treatment plants employ chlorine as a means of purification. Since chlorine is a poison, the idea is that […]

Dichlorobenzene In Your Water A Cause For Alarm?


Chlorobenzene is a colourless, flammable liquid that is used commonly as a solvent and as an intermediate in the manufacture of other chemicals. It is not naturally occurring and is produced by the chlorination of benzene. Chlorobenzene was once used in the manufacture of pesticides; most notably DDT. Since then its use has shifted to […]

Beryllium Is Not Something You Need In Your Body Or Your Water


Beryllium is a naturally occurring chemical element that increases hardness and resistance to corrosion when it is alloyed with other elements like aluminium, copper, iron and nickel, which, along with several of its other properties make it ideal for work with high-speed aircraft, space vehicles and even missiles. However, our bodies have no need of […]

Our Bodies Need (Some) Copper – But Does Our Drinking Water?


Copper is an essential nutrient for humans and many animals, but can there be too much of a good thing? Turns out, the answer is yes. And this is why you don’t want too much of it in your water supply. Why Do We Need Copper? Copper is an essential element required by the human […]

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