3 Great Reasons To Remineralize Your Pure Water

remineralize-headerReverse osmosis systems provide safe drinking water by purifying it completely. Remineralization turns our perfectly safe RO water into perfect water. 1. Remineralized water contains useful minerals for the body While it is true that our food, not our water, is the main source of our dietary minerals, remineralisation fortifies water with calcium, magnesium and… [Continue Reading]

Got A Cold? Flush It Out

nasal-cavityYou know that feeling when your head feels all stuffed up and your eyes are sore and dry, your throat is itchy and your nose is tender from wiping it so often? Yeah, that feeling, the head cold. There’s nothing like an aggressive head cold to take the spring out of your step and as we… [Continue Reading]

Why does my cat insist on drinking from the tap?

Cat drinking from tapIf your cat won’t drink out of the water dish, there may be a reason. Cats instinctively prefer moving water for their hydration purposes. Some posit that this is because running water is less likely to contain parasites, others because the oxygen content is higher and still others because it tastes better. Regardless, if your… [Continue Reading]

Does Your Water Hate Your Cat?

not a fancy featIt’s no secret. We love and pamper our cats, to the point that many of us refer to ourselves as cat servants. We alter our homes and our habits to accommodate our feline friends, but are we doing everything we can to ensure our cats’ health? Why Tap Water May Not Be Safe For Your… [Continue Reading]

Logical Hydration: Simple Ways to Consume More Water

tessarae yoga, water for health, stay hydrated, simple steps to hydration, water, workoutsAs a full time yoga teacher, one of the comments I hear most often is “I don’t drink enough water”. I hear it over and over again from the same people. We all need to consume more water. What a human dilemma! Water intake is something we would like to change, it is something that is… [Continue Reading]

Is Your Holy Water Perhaps A Bit Less Than Pure?

Holy WaterToday I read an article online on the DailyMail.co that reported on new findings from the researchers at the Institute of Hygiene and Applied Immunology at the Medical University of Vienna. It was startling but, in light of the many contaminants that have been discovered in our water, not all that surprising to read that scientist… [Continue Reading]

What Effect Does Drinking Water Have On Your Body?

800px-Oasis65_copyThe human body can survive for months without food but only a matter of days without water. This statement alone is indicative of the incredible impact water has on our health and well being. Depending upon your age, your body may be composed of up to 75% water.  Even a slight decline in hydration can have… [Continue Reading]

5 Things That May Be In Your Water That Could Affect Your Baby’s Health

safe drinking water for babies, how to purify water for formula, is my baby's drinking water safe?,As any new parent will tell you, the first few months at home can be terrifying! Baby’s health is of the utmost importance and now there are so many new things to be aware of! Suddenly there is danger at every turn! The family dog is now a potential baby-biter, the staircase is a steep… [Continue Reading]

Showering and Bathing – Hazardous to Your Health?

Drinking_waterThe refreshing shower… the relaxing hot, steamy bath… our blessed sanctuaries where we clean up, unwind and relax while we wash away the worries of daily life in a few stolen moments standing under an invigorating spray, or a for a luxuriant hour in a scented, bubbly soak…  Whichever we choose, these beloved daily rituals… [Continue Reading]

Hydration and You: Why (Pure) Water is Important

Why is Hydration So Important? Water is required for every function in the body, including the maintenance of temperature, waste removal and the lubrication and cushioning of joins. Water is 83% of the blood that flows through our bodies, delivering nutrients and oxygen throughout. Water assists in converting food into energy. Three quarters of our… [Continue Reading]
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